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Your rental car business can serve various kinds of people if you develop strong marketing plan and cater to the multitude needs of the audience. Your service is not limited to travelers from airport, terminals and train stations. If you devise creative plans to promote the sales and market your business then you will be able to make regular income from your car rental business. As an organization, you need to develop strategies for your long-term goals. These strategies need to be different from the competitors so that you can make your own mark. It is to promote your services in a distinctive way and promote your unique selling point to depict a strong image of your brand. These strategies are designed to fulfill various marketing needs of which growth is the most important one. Growth ensures cost effective measures and higher chances of profitability. Following are the top three activities that can attract your prospective customers: Alliance with Similar Businesses Small businesses such as of car rental should collaborate with other small businesses that have similar audience. For example, car rental companies can partnership with hotels in that area to provide their services. To promote your services and to make the visitors rent your cars, you can offer discounts or free redeemable gift vouchers. You can also offer some concession or some other incentive to the hotelkeeper, if he recommends your car rental services. This can also help you in saving money that you would otherwise spend on your marketing tools. You can promote your business, place your car rental logo on the brochures and flyers of your partner and share the cost.

Carrying out Promotional Activities Devise marketing strategies that will bring your brand in the limelight. These plans should aim at bringing your car rental services in front of your customers. Plan offers that are hard to refuse such as discount offers. Promote your product or services at related trade shows, exhibitions, festivals and fairs. Place your booth at such events to attract prospective customers. This can add excitement and motivate potential customers or businesses to avail your services. You can also maintain your connection with your potential customers by establishing a connection through e-mails. You can update them with your services and offers at subsequent intervals. Putting Up Your Logo on Your Fleet You can gain free advertising by putting up your logo on your car fleet. Either you can paint your rent a car logo on the sides of your or put up a sticker. You can be more discreet by putting up your logo by getting customized number plates. Putting up your logo on your vehicles will make your services memorable and within reach.
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Car Rental Logo
Car Rental Logo
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