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AC Schnitzer Automobile Technik is a third party tuning company based in Aachen, Germany specializing in BMW and MINI cars, as well as BMW motorcycles. The BMW car has always ruled the automobile industry from its very inception. Even today, it is one car that can demand undivided attention when it runs the road in its brilliance. Yes, it does make heads turn, and does make its makers proud! Its many attractive models have pampered mankind with their style, comfort and driving pleasure. The acceleration, handling, mileage, looks, built, engine transmission, capacities, safety, steadiness—just name it and the BMW car has it all. Here’s a teaser for you: Very recently, BMW’s AC Schnitzer TENSION took part in a high-speed test in Italy under the “Beyond 300 km/h” category and emerged as the fastest BMW in the world at the end of it. So whenever you think of speed, you just can’t dismiss the BMW. It burns roads in its fiery presence the regal interiors, superb engineering, commendable engine power, top notch body-styling components and more. 

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AC Schnitzer Logo
AC Schnitzer Logo
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